I love boudoir photography in Salt Lake City

Utah, or Salt Lake City to be more specific, is known for a lot of amazing things about the outdoors. This makes SLC one of the most photographic regions in the world. But, boudoir photography isn’t what people think when they hear SLC.

I’ve shot all over the world, and Salt Lake City provides a unique hub to access all sorts of different environments to photograph. The number of outdoor locations to shoot at is unreal. There are countless trails, fields, and outdoor areas that are just minutes from downtown SLC.

The accessibility provides my clients the chance to really connect with themselves, and nature, in a way that many places cannot provide. This past fall, I had the opportunity to do my own mini shoot with my friend @everydaymagic111. The images turned out amazing. The changing of the leaves, and being connected to nature made this shoot one of my funnest of 2022.

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The best part about this is that this location was only a few minutes north of Salt Lake City. I absolutely love that within a few minutes of driving, you are in nature and able to create such amazing looks.

I have a client, we’ll call her Ms. C, this past year that wanted to explore a few different looks for her shoots. She wanted to reconnect with herself and with nature, but wanted to add a little spice. We decided on doing a two location photo shoot. 

The first, a mountain shoot where she would be able to connect with nature. Ms. C wanted to feel the dirt on her feet, breathe that crisp, fresh mountain air, and feel the coldness, and calmness of a slow moving stream. I absolutely love how these images turned out.

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The second look, a desert location that is unique to Utah; the salt flats. This is a bit more that a few minutes drive, but it was well worth the time. This location is unquestionably unique to Salt Lake City. These are images that you cannot get anywhere else in the states. People come from all over the world to see the salt flats, and we have them right in our own backyard.

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Ms. C’s boudoir shoot turned out incredible. The way that her image is reflected in the water. The blueness of the sky. The commitment from her to get the shot. The day could not have been better. 

Another reason why Salt Lake is the best place for boudoir is the wide variety of architecture to work with. From cabins, to 1950’s modern, there are so many different looks you can capture. Assuming you know where to look. This past year, I’ve shot in a number of different locations with amazing architecture around the SLC valley.

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One of my favorite places was a cabin about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake. It was in a super secluded location, which gave us the freedom to be really creative. It has this amazing stream that runs through the backyard. The furniture inside was really cute. It was perfect for the look that my client was going for.

From mountains, to the desert, and everything in between, Salt Lake has it all for boudoir photography. If you’re interested in an on location shoot, check out My Queen Bee package. It comes with an optional on location boudoir shoot which is how I have captured some of these amazing images. Just submit a consultation request here, and let me know that you’re looking for something on-location.