New additions to the client closet

If you’ve been following me, you know that I have the largest selection of lingerie available to my clients via the client closet. I’m constantly adding new pieces in every size. A few of my clients have been asking me where I get my looks from, so I decided that it's time to let y’all in on my secret finds.

In January, I’m adding three new looks to the client closet. I pick pieces that I know that my clients will be most comfortable wearing. Each piece is a different style while providing its own level of sexiness and sophistication. I love how each of these pieces bring out the natural, feminine shape of my clients.

Valentines Teddy

The first look is very Valentines centric. Perfect time for the Valentines Mini package. I love this piece because of the shape that it creates on the body. I love, love, love the little white accents on the bust and bum areas. It keeps this outfit fun and sexy at the same time.

Pairing this look with a few accessories such as the necklace, and the wrists, helps bring this look to a whole new level.


Tuxedo Open Playsuit

This piece is one of my all time favorites. I absolutely love the simplicity of the single piece, with a super cute panty. For my shorter clients, like myself, I love how the piece brings height to my model. This playsuit doesn’t leave much (if anything) to the imagination, but it brings the boys to the yard.


Pink Corset Top

The final piece that I’ll reveal here is this pink corset top. You looking to accentuate your chest? Look no further. This piece lifts and pushes the girls together in a way that adds a cups size to you.

I also love the fact that this one is super classy. Easily concealed, it can easily be worn underneath every day clothes. Ever wanted to tease someone on a date? This is the perfect piece to do so.


These are only a few of the new pieces that are coming to the closet this month. January is coming up fast, so look for a few new Valentines centric pieces to come to the closet next month.

If you’re interested in seeing these looks in person, or you want to know where I picked them up from, head over to my consultation page or DM me on Instagram.