Client StorY: Ms. K

In boudoir photography, many of my clients come to me with a goal of feeling beautiful or sexy. Many of my clients bodies have changed as they have matured. Some changes are expected due to children. Some of the changes are due to health issues and were not as expected. Whatever the cause of these changes, they have the same concern: they no longer feel beautiful in their own skin.

We've built an amazing team of stylists, makeup artists, and videographers who are here to put those concerns to rest. Our goal is to transform you both physically and mentally. I love watching my clients transform through this process.

One of the main reasons I started a boudoir photography business is to help women begin transitioning into the confident, beautiful women that they are. Today I’m going to walk you through a transformation that a recent client; we’ll call her Ms. K.

Ms. K. came to us with the goal of wanting to feel sexy. She grew up with a lower self esteem. She felt like she was not as pretty as her friends. She continually found the flaws in herself which led to a number of confidence issues.

Ms. K. has been working on building up her self esteem. For her, doing a boudoir photo shoot was a huge step in building up her confidence again.

When Ms. K. reached out to me, she was looking for a boudoir shoot that was playful, and sexy. She was hoping that we could capture just a few images that showed how beautiful she was.

Enter Team Transformation

My team, led by the amazing Anastasia (@ap.muah), was evaluating what to do we noticed a few key features that we wanted to accent: eyes, cheek bones, and lips.

Ms. K has a amazing jaw line, and deep blue eyes that we wanted to accent. With her eyes being the main focus, we decided to go with a softer lip color that would help accent her lips, but not distract away from her gaze. She also has cheek bones that when accented in just the right way, help bring the whole look together.

Ms. K before:

Transformation: Makeup and hair

As you can see below, we went with a slight smoky eye that makes the white and blue of her eyes pop. We then highlighted her cheek bones with a slight contour that makes it appear as if her cheek bones are more prominent.

For her hair, the team decided that a wavy look would play well with her straight hair, but would still bring the pictures to life. This allows us to have a variety of looks while shooting. Wavy hair brings more movement into pictures in a way that other hair styles do not. The vibrance that wavy hair introduces to an image is unmatched. It helps bring out her shape when getting into some of the more tricky poses that we put her into.

Transformation: Style

This model is 5’ 6” tall, and wears a size 2. With her height, and size, she wanted a look that would help show off her shape while accenting some of her other ASSets. We then went into the client closet to find just the right pieces for her. Lucky for her, and all my clients, she had access to the largest selection of lingerie in Salt Lake City. She found so many different looks that it was hard to narrow down to three outfits.

01 / 09

I absolutely love the looks that my team created for Ms. S. and I know that she loved them as well. She walked away from this experience with a higher level of self esteem, an increased amount of confidence and feeling more sexy than ever.

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